February 25, 2010

Henry Darger

Henry Darger was a man who had only one friend his whole life. He spent most of his free time all alone in his small apartment, in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, drawing and writing. This was his obsession and his life's work. He created the longest book ever written, over fifteen thousand pages. Inside these pages are kaleidoscopic-like images of little girls battling armies and a story to go along. It is called The Story of the Vivian Girls. Darger was never formally trained as an artist. His method of drawing was to trace photos from catalogues and newspapers and then go over them with watercolor. The effect is beautifully cluttered and colorful cartoon-like images. His drawings and narrative are vivid, imaginative and otherworldly. No one was aware of his artwork while he was alive. Today he is probably one of the most widely known, unknown, artists.

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