February 26, 2010

mysteries of space

According to the Drake equation, astronomers have predicted that there are over 10,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy alone. Radio signals are most commonly used by scientists in their search for life on other planets. There is another galaxy, named Centaurus A, which transmits radio signals into outer space 24/7. Some scientists believe this could be because of the massive size of it's black hole. It could also be intelligent life trying to communicate. We don't know. Another strange phenomena is the presence of a hexagon on Saturn. The hexagon itself creates a break into the planet's atmosphere. It was detected decades a go, and it seems to baffle astronomers. I was talking to an acquaintance about the hexagon, and he gave me the most straightforward answer to it's existence. It is simply there, because the circumstances and timing allowed for it to be, just like life on Earth.

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