February 26, 2010

oh Tavi

If you don't already know who Tavi Gevinson is, then let me tell you. Tavi is the precocious 13 year-old blogger who is getting the attention of the fashion industry. She is delightful, eloquent, and quite prolific. Her blog, style rookie, consists of pictures of her adorable puppy, thrift store finds, her love of everything to do with 90's grunge, and anything else she's into. At any given time there are hundreds people reading her blog. She seems to be able to laugh at herself and realize how unusual she is. In her latest blog entry she writes, "people can't figure out if I'm 80 or 13. Sometimes I don't know either". She has her own Tavi t-shirt for sale. She has been interviewed and photographed by numerous fashion magazines, has collaborated with designers, and now attends fashion week. She doesn't have celebrity parents and isn't some rich kid living in Manhattan or Los Angeles. For the most part, she is just a normal girl with a lot of talent and a lot to say.

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