February 27, 2010

The Vintage Bazaar

I spent the afternoon antiquing with my friend Dana. We went to The Vintage Bazaar at the historic DANK-HAUS. We got there early, and the place was packed full of people complaining about how packed it was. It didn't stop us, and eventually it cleared out a bit. We bumped into my friend Liz, she told us that there was now a line outside. They were only allowing new people in as others left.
The bazaar was chock full of the usual flea market finds: colorful kitchen ware, various tchotchkes, polyester clothing, and beautifully aged furniture. Dana found a sexy black seventies cocktail dress. I found a 1950's navy blue headpiece and a tiny framed needle point of an owl. I snapped a few pictures and ended up meeting a few interesting people in the process. The register above was found in a basement, in a Chicago suburb. It was filthy, and after doing a bit of research, the vendor found out that it originally sold for $125 dollars. I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but the sides are made of glass. You can actually watch the inside of the machine moving while you type. It's a stunning design. I met another interesting character who's booth is shown above. We ended up talking about geography and volcanoes until she had to make a sale.
After Dana and I finished looking at everything, we checked out the cupcakes and beverages. I passed on the sweets, since they didn't have anything vegan. Once outside, we saw the line of people down the block waiting to get in. I headed home, hung my new picture up on my wall full of pictures. I'm getting quite a collection. I had a little snack and headed off to work for the evening.

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  1. I love the photos! For the third time, I'm proud of us for getting there early.