March 9, 2010

Charles and Ray Eames (power couple)

Charles and Ray Eames were married in 1941. They started out working together in industrial design and engineering for WWII. They went on to use their skills of bending plywood and mixed it with their visions for the future of furniture. Today their designs don't look so avant-garde, but back in the mid 20th century they were very modern. Their style has been copied over and over, with good reason. They artistically mixed their love of science, design, and geometry. The innovative couple has also worked together in film, architecture, fine art, and graphic design.
Even though the style of furniture has been around my whole life, I never truly discovered Charles and Ray Eames until I was living in New York. One of the great things about that city is the amazing stuff people leave out on the sidewalks. Some of the best items that I have found left out for grabs on the streets are; brand new bolts of nautical inspired Ralph Lauren fabric, a tiny harmonica charm that works, and Eames molded plastic side chairs. Ever since finding those chairs, I have slowly been learning more and more about the couple. Most recently, my physics professor showed my class the short film Powers Of 10, by Charles and Ray. I am so inspired by this couple. I too have a great love of outer space, design, and partnership.

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