March 3, 2010

Oh Sh*t

Last night was the monthly Midwest Independent Film Festival. It was the first ever female filmmakers night, and my friend Sarah Schooley had a film in it. The event was sold out. It had panel discussions before and after the films, as well as cocktails and an after party. Sarah's film is called Oh Sh*t, which is based on a true story that has become a sort of urban legend among our friends. Without giving the whole story away, I will say it is about a one night stand that could have turned into more, if it wasn't for something involving the title of the film. Oh Sh*t got a medley of laughs mixed with shock from the audience.
Some of the other highlights were The Miss by Grace McPillips. It is a sweet film about a couple meeting for the first time while shopping at a grocery store. I also really enjoyed Bring It In by Dina Facklis, a hilarious short film with the potential to become a series. It is about an all girls middle school basketball team coping with the recent death of one of their teammates. The middle school girls were all played by grown women, which added to the humor. The scenes between the coach and the assistant principle, played by Dina herself, were equally as funny. This was a very pleasurable way to get to see something that a friend made. The night was a complete success, except for the stomachache that I knowingly gave myself by sharing popcorn, Jelly Bellies and cocktails with my boyfriend.

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