March 6, 2010


I will be the first to admit that I know hardly anything about the Internet. I finally have it in my home this year, 2010! I am also no spring chicken, and I don't really care about what's "cool" much anymore. However, I feel like I should have known about this website, lookbook, a long time ago. Maybe some of my girlfriends have told me about it and I wasn't listening. I was most likely in my own world thinking about the hexagon on Saturn, or something someone said to me that I didn't understand. I am totally getting off the subject.
This is an amazing website that allows really talented people, who don't necessarily live in a fashion capital, a chance to show us what they've got. Photographers, models, stylists, designers, and people who just want to be seen can put up pretty pictures for all to see. Tavi is on lookbook. I do personally think that some of these "talented" people look just a little bit narcissistic and goofy. Who am I to judge? The best part about this whole site is that it includes at least thirty different countries. So, if you are curious about what the current styles are in say Malaysia. You can find out on lookbook. Amazing.

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