May 24, 2010

my new favorite celebrity couple

If I can't have him then I'm happy that she's got him. Besides, I've already got my own Ryan. These two make such a cute & somewhat normal celebrity couple, the way he's playfully pretending to punch her in the face and lifting her up in the air like a dancer. Who does that? It's so weird yet so cute. I really think that these two are just right for each other. They both got their start on cheesy TV shows, Ryan on the Mickey Mouse Club and Michelle on Dawson's Creek. They have both grown into great actors who now choose interesting and off-beat roles. I really can't wait to see their new movie Blue Valentine. They have also both already experienced being in highly public relationships with co-stars. I really hope it works out for the two of them. Matilda needs him around too.

1 comment:

  1. I love LOVE them together. Too bad they aren't "together." I can't wait to see Blue Valentine either!