May 5, 2010

never post a new blog entry after having a drink

I will admit that I am a big fan of the television show The City, and after watching the latest episode, I felt the need to do a little research on Jeremy Scott. He is, apparently, an emerging designer who has dressed Madonna, Peaches, Bjork and Lady Ga Ga. Ever heard of them? After looking at his website, I realized that his clothes are not for me. Which isn't to say that I don't like his stuff. I like his ideas and the playfulness of his clothes. He is the epitome of a wearable art designer. What was I expecting? When it comes to fashion, I am much more of a minimalist, jeans and T-shirt type, with a touch of granny. I would never wear his clothes, and obviously not many people would. He knows that. Well, maybe I would wear something of his on Halloween if I wanted to go as a butterfly, ice cream cone, or my elementary school band teacher (he really did wear those tuxedo T-shirts). I have a collection of outer space related T-shirts in my closet which continues growing, so I shouldn't really be the judge. I also don't dress celebrities, just myself.

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  1. I LOVE The City!!! I like to pretend that i have Whitney's job at Peoples Revolution.