July 2, 2010

top 5 favorite documentaries

2. Spellbound
3. Winged Migration
4. Dark Days
5. Ballet Russes
Click on a title to watch a trailer.


  1. I love documentaries! Here's some good ones for you:

    Grizzly Man; One of my ABSOLUTE FAVS!!
    The Bridge; VERY disturbing, and I am sorry to say good.
    The Devil & Daniel Johnston; Sad and sweet.
    Man on a Wire; Great story about the man that illegally walked on a wire between the Twin Towers....

    Now I need to go watch those last two of yours which I haven't seen....

  2. Oh also that penguin one is GOOD! March of the Penguins.

    oh and OF COURSE my new absolute fav:

    Food, Inc.


  3. I have seen them all, and I'm with you on all of them except for The Bridge.