April 14, 2011

the president has been kidnapped by ninjas

With everything I have going on lately; moving, school, work and planning a wedding, I probably could have made much better use of my time today. Instead of being productive I played Nintendo at The Wormhole with my man for a few hours. Then we wandered around aimlessly in the cold wind. I guess I needed to clear my head before I could face the next few weeks. It's been years since I've played some of these games. Some of them I have never even played at all and never even heard of. I'm confident that I can kick just about anyone's bottom at Double Dragon, and I have scored high enough to get double rockets in Tetris. How about those Tetris inspired shelves by the way? They would look pretty amazing in my new apartment. There is a lot in those old Nintendo games to be inspired by; the music, the style and the moves. I think this little bit of gaming has even inspired the look of our wedding invites.

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