February 13, 2012

Bag Lady

I have always found those little write ups in magazines where some celebrity shares what's inside of her purse to be a little strange, and here I am sharing the contents of my purse with the world. There are actually websites devoted entirely to sharing what you carry around in your purse. I found this red woven leather bag at a thrift store, and for obvious reasons I couldn't pass it up. I've had it for about three years now. I think the stuff that I carry in my purse is pretty normal. I don't know. Here goes nothing: I've got my 2012 slingshot organizer, sunglasses, reading glasses, pepper spray, keys, whistle, mirror compact (from an old friend's moving sale), leather wallet, cell phone, Sharpie ultra fine point permanent marker, Swissco comb, JOUER tinted lip enhancer, Cover Girl outlast lipstain (#440 if you're interested), Goody hair ties, and some snacks inside my purse. I seem to turn into a raging lunatic whenever I get too hungry. Also, I believe I just Ali Sheedied you!

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