February 11, 2012

Rachel Zoe

These are my favorite looks from Rachel Zoe's fall 2012 collection. She gets her very own post, since I was lucky enough to meet her and her family last fall. Now she has a special little place in my heart. I did have to throw back a few glasses of bubbly in order to get up the courage to talk to her. I'm still waiting to hear back from her and Roger about a job
(you guys won't regret it). In all seriousness this woman has great taste. Even her baby boy was dressed with more style than 90% of the men I know. I do think this collection was a bit all over the place. I also felt like there was no wow moment. Everything looked like it had more or less been done before. Rachel, I offer you my humble advice; always leave them wanting more. In other words less is more. Also, you need me.

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