April 13, 2012

creating spaces for two

I have lived in a lot of little studio apartments during my life. Some of them were lovely places that I look back on with such fond memories. Others were a just a little too small and dingy. One of my favorite things about living in studio apartments is that the smaller spaces just naturally felt cozy. Now that I live with my husband and our two cats in a large apartment, I have been searching for ways create that warmth and coziness. I love living with him, and luckily we both have a very similar taste and sense of style. There are a few issues though. I am much more of a minimalist, and I ultimately just want an organized and tidy place to relax. He loves to keep and collect everything and makes little stacks and piles that seem to grow and multiply. For him, a home is ultimately a place to get work done and be creative. So I think that what we really need is this little pod like relaxation station pictured above. Then we could create a fun sort of office vibe all around it (I'm imagining the Etsy offices). That just might be our ideal living space.

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