April 21, 2012

DREAM (dinner) TEAM

Anthony Bourdain
 Ryan Gosling
 Kate Moss
 Mia Farrow
 Bill Cosby
As once promised, I have come up with my fantasy dinner companions. Don't question my selection, just go with it. I decided to make it easier on myself by narrowing it down a bit and only choosing from the living. I also only chose people who I wouldn't ordinarily get the chance to meet, because really I would just choose five people that I know and love. But that wouldn't really make for an interesting blog post for anyone but those five people. That would also be much harder for me since I know and love quite a few people. The selection is based on pure love and interest in what sort of conversation they could bring to the table. I'm sorry to Anthony, but the dinner would be vegan. I know a few people who could put together a vegan dinner that I am confident he would enjoy.

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