April 23, 2012

swimsuit hunter

I'm on the hunt for a new bikini. I prefer bikinis to one pieces. But I like the coverage and the overall look and feel of high waisted, boy short two pieces. That is what I have my heart set on finding. I have had my current bikini for about three years, and get a lot of use out of it. I love it. It has a little bit of a Marianne (from Gilligan's Island) sort of feel to it. However, it's getting a little faded and ratty looking. My previous bikini was ten years old before I replaced it. I'm trying to avoid that happening again. I have only made one attempt at finding a new bikini. It didn't go so well. Even though it was early April, it seemed like sizes were already picked over and the style that I'm looking for is pretty hard to come by. I guess I just have to keep trying, and next time try harder to resist the temptation of buying other clothes in the process. 

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