June 14, 2012

Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas is now officially on my radar. This has been a slow and steady build up that began at least seven years ago. It all started with a sticker about Judd. This happens to be my brother's name, so it caught my attention. From this sticker I found that Donald Judd is a major architect and artist whose work influenced the wide open spaces of the Marfa landscape and also helped the local art community. Years later I saw an image of the knitted camper pictured above. Slowly, in bits and pieces, I have discovered more images and information about this little town in Texas. Now I want to go there. I have been to just about every major city in the United States and also a lot of interesting small towns around the country. I still have never been to Austin, Texas or New Orleans though. I've got some family and friends in Dallas. I think this could be the makings of another beautiful road trip with my husband. Driving through the state of Texas and ending up in New Orleans would be incredible. I'm thinking summer 2013, since we've already got our summer 2012 road trip planned.

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