June 22, 2012

Resort 2013

Jill Stuart


 10 Crosby Derek Lam

 Dion Lee


These are a few looks from some of my favorite resort 2013 collections. Overall there wasn't a whole lot that was very exciting. My advice would be for the designers, and more importantly the corporations that are behind them, to go back to focusing on putting together just two great collections each year. The people who these clothes are catered to don't need a third collection presented to them every year. Especially when it's so lackluster. It's important to support the arts and creative endeavors, but it is so much more important to spend money thoughtfully. None of these women need more clothes to stuff into their fancy dressing rooms, and the corporations definitely don't need to make more money either. It's a little something called charity, giving and just having a general sense of compassion for others. That is way more sophisticated than possessing the mentality that you deserve to spend at least $50,000 on your wardrobe every four months will ever be. 

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