June 18, 2012

Spirit Animal

After years of trying to figure out what my spirit animal is it finally dawned on me that I am a turtle. Or maybe I was a turtle at some point in the history of the Earth. I know this way of thinking may sound crazy to some and that's just fine. If you're not into spirit animals then stop reading this and just look at the cool pictures (ooh ah). If you are cool like a seven year old kid is cool then keep reading.

Some of the past animals I have considered might be my spirit animal are the sloth (for its slowness) and a duck (for land and water living). I have a tattoo of a turtle on my arm. It's a character from a Craig Thompson novel that my best friend gave me a long time a go. I never put it together until recently that I have a tattoo of my spirit animal. The answer has been right there on my arm all along.

Turtles are ancient creatures, and I have always felt very much like an old soul. I remember feeling that way even when I was three years old. I once saved a turtles life. I was at a party in Minneapolis, and this drunk girl was trying to balance a pet turtle on her shoulder. It started to fall, but I caught it just before it hit the hardwood floor. The shelled part is a major spirit connection for me. I have a pretty hard layer that I often like to hide in. Also I just have never thought about how many different types of turtles there are. I'm not surprised, but they are all so amazing (especially the soft shell turtle). My husband is a dog, we have agreed on this.

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