June 16, 2012

summer 2012 road trip

I'm getting really excited just thinking about our upcoming road trip. Our final destination is the Badlands area. But on the way there we are making a few long overdue stops in Madison, WI and the Twin Cities to visit our friends and family. It's been years since I have been to either city, and I have never been to the Badlands at all. The more I research that area the more and more interesting things I discover about that part of the country. It's going to feel amazing to get out of the city for a while and appreciate such a beautiful, exotic landscape and wildlife. We are going to be staying in the historic and haunted Alex Johnson Hotel for four nights. It came highly recommended by my Rapid City connections. It also just underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, so I'm pretty sure we are going to be feeling nice and comfy while we're there. This is a much needed vacation for both of us, and we will be there before you know it.


  1. We are excited for you to come to the Black Hills and Rapid City. You are going to love the Alex Johnson Hotel. Don't forget to go out and about since you are staying right downtown! Main Street Square is an awesome addition to the area, along with many other new improvements. Check out our website for events and fun things to visit while you are in the area. Have a great trip!

    1. I was able to find a few vegan friendly restaurants from this. Thank you so much.