July 19, 2012

Keratin Protein

I have been vegan for about three months now and with little to no problem. The one thing I have noticed is that my hair is looking a little dull and dry, and my nails have started to chip. These two things are not a big deal, but I'm sure that they are a result of my new diet. I want to make sure I am getting all the nutrients that my body needs. That is a big deal for me. After doing a little research I learned that keratin is a protein that is responsible for building hair, skin and nails in animals. This protein is mostly found in animal fat and meat. It is also found in sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and carrots; three foods I love and will now make sure to eat more of. Keratin is also found in two of the superfoods, broccoli and spinach. Now that I know this I hope my little problem is solved and that this post will be useful to someone, too.

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