July 22, 2012

The Chili Pepper Lady

Ironically this smoking hot Dolce and Gabbana ad makes me think of an older woman at the farmer's market in Bloomington, Indiana. My husband went to college there, and so we've been back a few times to visit friends. It is a wonderful little town. Last summer we made a stop there on the way home from our road trip honeymoon. We went to the farmer's market with our friends Ben and Niki and their daughter Eisley. Ben made sure to point out "the chile woman" to me, because back in the day my husband not only had a thing for her peppers he also had a thing for her. She always wears a chili pepper dress to the market to sell her peppers, I think that dress was part of the allure. Maybe it's time for a new chili pepper dress for the chili pepper lady. I wonder how many peppers she would have to sell in order to purchase it? If I could afford it then maybe I would just get it for myself.

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