August 23, 2012

Anthony Bourdain vs. Rick Steves


I would travel just about anywhere with either of these men. Rick won my heart back in the late 90's. He made me want to travel the world if only I had the funds to do it. If I ever had a day off and realized there was a Rick Steves marathon on PBS it pretty much felt like I just won the lottery. I have taken a few trips abroad and lived in another country, but I always felt a little lost and clueless while abroad. This show was like a lesson in history, architecture and culture without that lost feeling. He could make you fall in love with every country he visited. 

No reservations is the only travel show that has ever come close to Rick Steves. It might even be better. Anthony Bourdain's dry, cynical and sarcastic personality better suits mine. He focuses much more on the people and their food. He is just a much cooler guy. Rick Steves is pretty nerdy, but it really adds something special to the show. I would like to take a trip with both of these men. It would be very interesting to see how they hit it off. 

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