August 16, 2012

Liberty Ross

I remember seeing her face for years inside the mountains of fashion magazines that I have studied over the past twenty years. About nine years a go I ripped out a photo of her as my hair inspiration, I was growing it out then. I carried it around in my wallet until it was the same length. 

Why aren't more people talking about her? The ones who are being discussed over and over are in their twenties. This stuff (indecision, cheating and breaking up) happens all the time in your twenties. It's not supposed to happen when you are married with children and working together. I feel for this lady. She's gorgeous and obviously doesn't put up with bullshit, excuse my language. She got out quickly. I have a lot of respect for that. I'm sure she will find true love, that she can trust, once she gets over being stabbed in the back by a 22 year old and the man she loved and father of her children. She will most likely be much better off. Liberty does mean freedom after all. 

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  1. well said Mandy. Liberty Ross is a beautiful woman. I will be watching her.