August 19, 2012

Pound Puppy

I have been wanting a dog more and more lately. I have always wanted a dog, but knew that I needed to be able take good care of the little creature before I brought one home. To me that means having plenty of time. Now that I am married and can share the responsibility our dog would be very well taken care of. I know I want either a Maltese or a Poodle. They are both smart, loving and hypoallergenic dogs. I would also like it to be from a shelter, so I think it may take a while to find just the right one. I think it should be on the small side, but not too small. I don't think big dogs are good for the city, they need much more space to run. I would be too nervous to take a tiny dog on a walk. I would say it needs to be somewhere around 15 pounds. I think one of these guys would make a great addition to our family, but first we need to move into an apartment that allows dogs. 

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