September 30, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday. My husband rented a hotel room downtown for the night. We checked in and then ran all around the city, ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, did a little shopping and played with Legos. Mostly we just relaxed in our hotel room and didn't think at all about all of the work we have to do. I decided to take a bath and came up with the idea to throw the chamomile tea from the hotel room in the tub with me. It smelled amazing, peppermint tea would also smell great in a bath. Ryan swam in the pool, while I relaxed in my chamomile bath. To top everything off my in-laws completely surprised us and had a bottle of bubbly sent to our room. When we opened the door we initially thought they must have had the wrong room. I even have some vegan chocolate mousse cake left over to snack on for the next few days. The best part of all is that I got the one thing I wanted the most. I'm so excited for the year ahead. 

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