September 10, 2012

Wear Red:Support Chicago Public School Teachers

Rahm, your apathy won't get you re-elected. Caring about teachers means caring about students and more importantly about education. About a year a go I made the decision not to become a teacher, because I recognized all of the problems with the education system. For starters, teachers are incredibly overworked and simultaneously underpaid. The education system is also a place where economic and social inequalities can become magnified, because of funding or a lack of it. How do we live in a society that puts such a high price on entertainment and has such little regard for education? Athletes make millions, go on strike and get paid even more. Teachers work long hours, take their work home with them, rarely get breaks, go on strike and are told it's their choice. We all had teachers that we loved growing up. Now they are our friends and they teach our children. Support them in their fight to keep classes small, earn a reasonable wage and make education a priority.

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