October 20, 2012

Dmitry Sholokhov

This has been a really crazy week for me. Maybe interesting is a better word. It was one of those weeks that builds character. On top of all the personal issues, midterms, work and financial stresses weighing on me I discovered that Emily and Jef broke up. So Dimitry winning PR season ten was the one redeeming quality from the past few days. I liked him right from the start, and then at some point I think I started to love him. Like Michael Kors said, he is a real gentleman. He also has an amazing story about moving to New York alone, with just a backpack, a little bit of money and a big dream. I like to imagine that he had kittens and candy in that backpack. Then there's that accent, sense of humor, positive attitude, talent and mysteriousness. I could go on and on, and I get the strong feeling that I'm not the only admirer out there. I can honestly say that he is my absolute favorite contestant to ever be on PR. This is saying a lot, because of my love for Gretchen Jones and Santino and the fact that there has just been so many fascinating people on that show.

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  1. Eu tambem amo o Dmitry. Aqui do Brasil, eu sigo seus passos.