November 29, 2012

Felicity Jones: Girl Crush

I recently watched the movie Like Crazy and I loved it. I was once in a long distance relationship with a young man that I met while studying and living abroad. He was my first love, and it went on for a while, so I could relate to this movie in a lot of ways. I have never seen or heard of this actress before, and I was just amazed by her beauty throughout the whole film. Plus I just love those British girls; Kate, Keira, Alexa, Sophie and now Felicity. I'm looking forward to watching some more movies with her. I think I will watch Albatross next, since she's in it and it keeps popping up as a suggestion on my Netflix. I also want to see Chalet Girl, which she costars with Ed Westwick......mmmm Ed Westwick. I would also kill for that dress in the bottom photo, it's amazing.

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