December 5, 2012


With my winter break less than one week away I am feeling both excited and stressed out. This has been a challenging, but really happy semester for me. I was very recently asked the question by a close longtime friend who is basically in the exact same situation as me (a working student and mother-to-be), "How will you treat yourself over the break?" I had a few good answers. Obviously just being away from classes and homework for 3 weeks will be a huge treat. I also have some good friends who are coming back to Chicago for the holidays, some who will be staying with us, and we have some family coming to celebrate the holidays with us, too. My husband also rented us a hotel room downtown at a really nice place for a night. That is probably going to be the highlight of my break. I love staying in hotels with him, relaxing in the big bathtubs, watching cable in bed, being touristy, ignoring the everyday stuff for a moment and eating good food. We will not, however, be going to any amusement parks over our break, but I think the break itself will be full of amusement.

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