December 8, 2012

Audrey 101

1. Funny Face

2. Charade

 3. Two for the Road

 4. How to Steal a Million

 5. Wait Until Dark

 6. Breakfast at Tiffany's

7. Roman Holiday
My sister-in-law recently saw her first Audrey Hepburn movie, Breakfast At Tiffany's, and loved it. I became obsessed with Audrey when I was sixteen. The first movie I ever saw her in was Paris When It Sizzles. I saw it when I was taking care of my aunt's house and her dog while she was away. In reality I was just hanging out at her house with my friends, watching cable, raiding her liquor cabinet, swimming in her pool and discovering Audrey Hepburn. I thought my sis should watch some more Audrey movies, and so here is a list of my absolute favorites in no particular order. I'm so excited to hear which ones are her favorites.

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