December 29, 2012


I was going to have this year be the year I made no resolutions, because in the past I have rarely stuck to them (except for drinking more water). But with this baby on the way and more free time opening up in the near future I'm inspired to make a few changes. First of all, it's about time I dust off my sewing machine and start making stuff (like those damn curtains I have been talking about forever). I would also like to make some one of a kind dolls and animals for our kid, maybe even some kids clothes. If they turn out well I may even make some extras and send them to other friends who are expecting and have little ones. I would also like to start cooking more. Although my husband is an amazing cook, I want our kid to have great home cooking that comes from both of us. Since going back to school it has been years since I have really played around in the kitchen. I have been relying far too much on a combination of frozen foods, my husband and eating raw. I would also like to rely a bit less on social media to keep in touch with my good friends who live far away. I think more phone calls and snail mail are in order. I would like to make sure that I don't forget to make time for my husband once the baby is here. I know it can get overwhelming really fast and so easy to push our relationship to the side. I'm making sure I still do little things to keep him feeling loved and our family super strong. Oh yeah and I need to cut back on the salt. 


  1. Hi there

    Just stumbled upon your site. Love your posts! Think our blogs have some similarities. Anyway just to say all the best to 2013 :)