January 1, 2013


We were planning on just snuggling up on the couch like that adorable cat and dog (pictured above) for NYE, but then we changed our minds and decided to go out instead. It was still pretty low key. We ended up going to one of our neighborhood spots with our friend Pete and having some food (the boys had a few drinks). We even got a nice little table near the fireplace. One of my favorite neighborhood ladies was working, so we rang in the new year with her, too. We saw some fireworks, and heard some of Pete's stories of volunteering at the Rockaways after hurricane Sandy. I managed to help Pete make his flight early this morning, and we're catching up with some old friends for lunch at some point this afternoon. Today also marks the beginning of my fifth month of pregnancy, and I think I'm actually starting to feel the baby move a little! Here's to 2013 being a good year, so far so good. Happy New Year!

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