January 22, 2013

A Healthy Pregnancy

I've had some questions on my mind after my last visit to the midwife. What does a healthy pregnancy look like, and what does it involve? I have been weighed and warned not to gain too much weight at every visit. During my first visit I was told that I should gain 20 pounds total, all the while there has been no dialogue about what I eat to nourish my growing baby. I have stayed about the same weight for most of my adult life and am comfortable with it. I don't diet. I just try to eat healthy foods (most of the time), and I am naturally pretty active. I have stuck to this way of eating during my pregnancy, for the most part, and have put on a little over 15 pounds so far. 

At my first visit to the midwife I was 8 weeks pregnant and weighed about 120 pounds, and I am now 21 weeks into my pregnancy. I was told yesterday that I am gaining too much weight. At first I was irritated, and thoughts like, "it's the middle of winter" and "it's just a few weeks after the holidays", were running through my head. Then I realized that I don't need to make excuses, feel bad or worry about this. My clothes fit me the same except for around my belly, and the baby is healthy and just the right size. 

The midwife was wrong and insensitive for making my weight an issue. As pregnant women we already feel awkward and uncomfortable enough as it is with our ever changing bodies. From now on I will be the judge of whether I've gained too much weight. Next time this conversation comes up with the midwife I plan on shutting the topic down in the most polite and respectful way I can.


  1. I thought you looked beautiful and amazing when we saw you this weekend...I'm so excited for the journey you and Ryan and taking on and can't wait for our future families to know each other! Listening to your body and making healthy choices is the best medicine, I've felt.