January 22, 2013

Grunge and Glory

I have never been fully able to shake the whole grunge thing of the 90s. I was a teenager through that decade, and it was after all the first style that I really chose for myself. It started with hanging out with the skater boys in middle school and stealing their military jackets. Then I wore flannels, thermal underwear as leggings, combat boots, baby doll dresses, tons of stripes and band t-shirts. I remember being about 15 and going to see Julianna Hatfield play an all ages show at First Avenue. I thought she was just a goddess in her worn in Levi's and unwashed messy hair. The first thing other than the music and those skater boys that really influenced this never ending style inspiration was Marc Jacobs' Perry Ellis grunge collection, the one that got him fired. I can vividly remember seeing editorials in fashion magazines with these clothes and ripping them out to put on my walls. At this point I don't think it will ever get old to me, and it doesn't hurt that it's all come back in style. 

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