January 20, 2013

Osteria Via Stato

My in-laws were recently here for the holidays and spoiled us like crazy. They took us to a bunch of great restaurants, we all stayed at the historic Drake hotel for the weekend, and we did a little shopping. My favorite restaurant that we ate at was the Osteria Via Stato. The food and service was amazing, and the interior was beautiful and rustic. I rarely write restaurant reviews (actually never), but I couldn't help myself. All Chicagoans ought to check this place out, and if you're here for a visit you should make sure to eat here, too. Another thing that I like about this place is that it isn't trying to be one of those hip, trendy Chicago restaurants. The place felt very comfortable and casual. The menu was unique, because there are two different menus to order from, and your whole party has to be in on the same one. Then there was also family style or single portions to choose from, as well as seasonal choices. It could be affordable or a little more expensive depending on which way you decide to order. There were plenty of options for vegetarians, but I'm not so sure about vegans. I had the ricotta cavatelli and a seasonal salad (no drink for me since the baby is brewing)I can't wait to go back and eat there again and again.

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