March 9, 2013


Something very special and ridiculous happens when longtime friends become pregnant at the same time. I'm so happy that my friend, Abbi, of 20 years is moving to Chicago soon. Now we can raise our little girls together!

*On a side note I'm making the bottom photo of Abbi and me my photo of the week this week on my blog. Yeah I got photo of the week for the first time ever!!!!!!!!!!

(how I imagine our baby girls a few years from now)


  1. how exciting that they are moving to chicago, i didn't know that... what a big boon for those lil girls!!!!

    1. It's very exciting! And I learned a new word thanks to you.

  2. Best post ever- kinda made my eyes water (someone must be chopping onions nearby). Both photos have my vote for photo of the week!