May 8, 2013

home sweet home

1. a new and improved hallway setup

2. where we eat

3. we turned our faux fireplace into a bookshelf

4. Ruby's changing table (where the magic will happen)

5. Ruby's cradle was once her father and auntie's cradle

6. Ruby's toy box

7. the pantry Ryan built for our tiny kitchen

8. i actually have a little sewing table now

9. bathroom tchotch

10. we finally hung the drawings that we bought on our honeymoon

11. dresser redecoration

12. a place for my rings and necklaces

13. our bedside table

We're nearly done with our redecorating, and it feels really good. We pretty much just have to put the crib together and finish a few more little odds and ends here and there. I have to say I like the apartment much more how it is now. It feels more spacious and paired down. We're ready to meet Ruby and have some visitors come hang out. Here are some pictures of the place as it was a few years ago.


  1. this looks so good guys!! i love the charm of your place - can't wait to invite ourselves over haha. ruby will be living in a quite cozy spot.

  2. Baby must be coming soon, you are nesting.

  3. Ps terrie's blog name is ma mom