May 2, 2013

new city living

Ryan and I are finally on the same page. Just as I had pretty much accepted the thought of living in Chicago for the rest of my life he starts talking about moving. Don't get me wrong, we love this city and it would be a fine place to stay. We can always move back someday if we'd like to. I've done it before. So now we are basically just talking, finishing up the things that we've started here and figuring out what cities have universities that he could go to or work at. We also want to live somewhere that's not too far from family or near friends. Nashville, Los Angeles, Austin and Bloomington have been talked about a lot. Who knows where we will end up? I really like the idea of continuing to explore new places together and in a way that is beyond going on vacation. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but I already know what your vote will be. Ryan and I can buy your old house. We love that place. I'm excited to see the new one.

  2. I've heard terrific things about that Austin place :D