August 4, 2013

this is getting easier

Ruby is two moths old today, well in about a half hour from now to be exact. This has been a crazy couple of months, but it has become so much easier than it was early on. We've discovered a few tricks with her that have really helped us out. One of them is a hand-me-down vibrating chair that was given to us by my cousin. Overall Ruby seems to be napping more during the day now, and she continues to sleep like a champ at night. She already has a bedtime and an evening routine that works for us. We start our days pretty early, she is our alarm clock. We take long walks together as a family in the mornings. We usually go to our favorite neighborhood cafe and then explore nearby neighborhoods or run errands with Ruby in the stroller. In the afternoon Ruby and I lay in bed together and nap and nurse. Later in the day I will usually take her out again to visit her papa on his break.

 I have been getting a lot of visits from old friends and new ones, too. This helps keep me feeling normal and like myself. I've also started running again, which feels very different while I'm still considerably out of shape and heavier than before. It's also much different running while pushing a stroller in front of me. 

Ruby is such an easy baby. She is so smiley, active and alert. She already seems to be trying to talk and make different sounds. I swear she tries to say I love you. We say that to her all day long, so I wouldn't be surprised if she really is trying to imitate those sounds. But it seems a little too early for that, so I'm probably just imagining things. 

I'm looking forward to what the next few months have in store for us. Our wedding anniversary is coming up. Ruby is about to meet her papa's entire extended family. Sadly, it will be at her great grandfather's funeral. I'm thankful that her presence may bring some joy in a sorrowful time. School starts up again at the end of this month. Then there will be birthdays and our first long road trip with Ruby to Minnesota for my mother's wedding. I have a feeling the rest of this year is going to fly by. I want to enjoy these moments with her as a little baby as much as I can. I know it doesn't last long.

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