October 5, 2013


I took Ruby on her first flight. We went to Philadelphia to visit my friend Abbi, her husband Josh and to meet their baby Linnea who was also born in June. Abbi and I both have birthdays at the end of September, so she offered to fly us out to celebrate. Even though I was nervous to fly with Ruby, I couldn't resist. Ryan stayed home, so it was just the two of us. Ruby did amazing on the flight, and everyone sitting near us commented on what a good baby she is. 

Abbi and I have been friends for about twenty years and have been calling each other Trumpy for the majority of our friendship. The first Thanksgiving after high school we volunteered to prepare and serve dinner to senior citizens at a church in Minnesota. We met a little boy named Trumpy that day who was also volunteering with his aunt. While shredding carrots with Trumpy we got to know him pretty well and his name has lived on with us ever since. 

My friend Pete came from New York to see me and meet Ruby while we were in Philly. I got to explore a little bit of the Northern Liberties neighborhood, which I really like. I made dinner for Josh and Abbi one night, they threw a karaoke/birthday party, we spent a lot of time relaxing with our babies and the whole trip went by much too fast. Ruby and I miss them and can't wait until the next time we get to see them again.

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