November 23, 2013

no shave november

I love a man with a beard. I also love a way for anyone to get involved in a charity, because let's face it (pun intended) not everyone has the time or money to donate. So no shave November is a way for any man, or woman, to help raise awareness and money for cancer. 

I myself have been unknowingly participating in no shave November this year. Although, it has everything to do with my new bare bones shower routine since becoming a mother, and no longer showing off my legs due to the cold weather moving in. I could have lied and said it was because of my mother and grandmother who are both cancer survivors, or because of my uncle who was taken by cancer, or my old friend Frankie who lost his leg to cancer. 

The true way for a Northern women to actively participate in no shave November is to put down the razor, and then sometime near the end of the month wear shorts or a skirt out to a public space of her choice. I haven't been to the MCA in a while. Maybe I'll put on my favorite dress and go before the month is over, or maybe I'll just go to the grocery store.

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