February 27, 2014

short bangs are back

They're back on my head at least. It's been well over a decade since I've worn bangs. I had bangs of all styles all through my childhood, well into my teens and in my early twenties. In the late 90s they were short, very short. That was a look back then. My hair was basically identical to the actress Shannyn Sossamon pictured above. 

It's been a while since since those ultra short wispy bangs have made an appearance on the foreheads of stylish women. I think the fashion rule is something like if you wore it the last time it was in style you're not supposed to wear it again. I broke that rule late last night when I decided to give them another try. It was honestly just an attempt to remedy the awkward wispy fringe that was growing in after postpartum hair loss. I think they'll do. I also think they may even be making a comeback since both Suri Cruise and Zoe Kravitz are wearing them short. 

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