April 1, 2014

a community garden

I'm very excited to start working this week at the Waters School Community Garden and ecology program. I'm thankful to have found a way to combine my background in education, Earth science and environmental studies, and also get to spend time working outside with kids in my neighborhood. I couldn't be more thrilled about this! I will be doing some restoration work on the Chicago river this summer, too. I feel a connection to the river considering my husband and I canoed it on our very first date, and have done so many times since then. I know there will be some long hot summer days ahead, but this is exactly how I want to be spending my time if I'm not spending it with my family and friends. My goal is to learn enough from this experience so that I can help start a community garden and ecology program at another school. It would be amazing if that could happen wherever Ruby ends up going to school. 

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