April 20, 2014

wearing white

I've always believed white jeans were only for preppy or super skinny women, and so I never considered them to be my style. I also feared ruining them with a spill or just keeping them clean in general. That's been my worry with wearing anything white. So I've never worn it much at all, except on my wedding day. My wedding dress didn't make it untarnished either. I ruined it by accidentally setting it on fire with a sparkler. At least I have a great story to tell when I pull it out some day to show my daughter. I digress.

 I recently bought a pair of white jeans and have been wearing them like crazy. Lately I've been inspired to start wearing them, and then suddenly I came across the perfect pair. I decided since Andrew WK wore them they no longer belong only to the preppy crowd. I also no longer care if they aren't slimming. Since having a baby, I'm just proud of my body and the amazing things it can do. 

White jeans are classic and polished looking. I've discovered they're surprisingly easy to wear since they go with almost anything. My favorite way to wear them has been with a light colored or white top and simple flats. They haven't gotten dirty either. That's even after many wears, eating out with a baby and walking all over the city. I've got a new style staple and a newfound love for wearing white.

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