June 15, 2014

father's day

Father's Day has been sort of a hard day for me most of my life. I usually just ignore it and can't wait for it to be over. For complicated reasons I grew up not knowing my dad. There was a brief period when I thought I might finally get the chance to meet him, but then he died suddenly of a heart attack. That was back in June of 2004. It's been exactly ten years that I put to rest the idea of ever knowing the man who genetically plays a major role in who I am.

This is the second year that I've been able to celebrate father's day, and I'm so happy to have this day become a happy one. Last year Ruby was barely a few weeks old, so I had no idea what an amazing father Ryan would turn out to be. I'm not at all surprised, though. He is so loving, playful and present with her. He makes it easy for me to be a good mother. Ruby lights up when she sees him. We're both so lucky to have him in our lives. Happy Father's Day to the best papa I've ever known! You are so loved.

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