March 20, 2010

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

This is my dear friend Jolene Turner. Isn't she lovely? Jolene and I met about five or six years ago at a charming, little, Scottish pub in Chicago. We discovered that we both grew up in the exact same part of Minnesota. She even used to frequent the library across the street from the house that I grew up in. We have both done quite a bit of moving around during our friendship, but have become even closer despite the distance. I think it's because of our shared love of kitties, thrift store shopping, the Beales, bicycles, Jack White, and each other. She is currently living and working in New York. She is a writer, blogger, actress, comedian, jewelry maker, and animal activist. She loves the color pink, and is not afraid to color coordinate her outfit with her bicycle helmet. She's like the big sister I never had. She is one of my closest, craziest, and toughest friends. She even snorts a little when she's laughing really hard. I love her dearly.

March 16, 2010

On the Street

I am heading off to New York and Philadelphia in a week. I'm really feeling inspired by Bill Cunningham, from The New York Times. There are certainly going to be a lot of trends that haven't made it out to the Midwest yet, and I can't wait to see what they will be. No pressure. I must say, if I see one more girl wearing the North Face and Ugg combo I might instantaneously projectile vomit. Sorry Chicago, I am in serious need of a little fashion. Hopefully the weather will be warm, and everyone will be out showing off their new spring looks. I plan on taking a lot of photographs of the people on the street, just like Bill does.

March 9, 2010

Charles and Ray Eames (power couple)

Charles and Ray Eames were married in 1941. They started out working together in industrial design and engineering for WWII. They went on to use their skills of bending plywood and mixed it with their visions for the future of furniture. Today their designs don't look so avant-garde, but back in the mid 20th century they were very modern. Their style has been copied over and over, with good reason. They artistically mixed their love of science, design, and geometry. The innovative couple has also worked together in film, architecture, fine art, and graphic design.
Even though the style of furniture has been around my whole life, I never truly discovered Charles and Ray Eames until I was living in New York. One of the great things about that city is the amazing stuff people leave out on the sidewalks. Some of the best items that I have found left out for grabs on the streets are; brand new bolts of nautical inspired Ralph Lauren fabric, a tiny harmonica charm that works, and Eames molded plastic side chairs. Ever since finding those chairs, I have slowly been learning more and more about the couple. Most recently, my physics professor showed my class the short film Powers Of 10, by Charles and Ray. I am so inspired by this couple. I too have a great love of outer space, design, and partnership.

March 6, 2010


I will be the first to admit that I know hardly anything about the Internet. I finally have it in my home this year, 2010! I am also no spring chicken, and I don't really care about what's "cool" much anymore. However, I feel like I should have known about this website, lookbook, a long time ago. Maybe some of my girlfriends have told me about it and I wasn't listening. I was most likely in my own world thinking about the hexagon on Saturn, or something someone said to me that I didn't understand. I am totally getting off the subject.
This is an amazing website that allows really talented people, who don't necessarily live in a fashion capital, a chance to show us what they've got. Photographers, models, stylists, designers, and people who just want to be seen can put up pretty pictures for all to see. Tavi is on lookbook. I do personally think that some of these "talented" people look just a little bit narcissistic and goofy. Who am I to judge? The best part about this whole site is that it includes at least thirty different countries. So, if you are curious about what the current styles are in say Malaysia. You can find out on lookbook. Amazing.

March 4, 2010

Chunky Rice

About six years ago my best friend, Adam, gave me the book called Good-Bye, Chunky Rice, by Craig Thompson. Adam had recently flaked out on me a few times, and I guess giving me this book was his way of making it up to me. I'm sure he had some idea that I would like this book, but I'm not sure he knew just how much. I have read it so many times, made other people read it, read everything else by Craig Thompson that I could find, and I may or may not have a tattoo of one of the pictures posted above on my right arm. The story is about two best friends, Chunky Rice and Dandel, moving apart to go on new adventures and find where they belong. It is sort of fitting since Adam and I have lived in the same city, then different cities, then the same one again, and now different cities. At the time we had no idea how much the story would reflect our friendship. Anyways, this really isn't even my favorite book by Craig Thompson, just the most sentimental.
I love his book Carnet de Voyage, that's my favorite. It is sort of a travel diary turned into a graphic novel. The story and illustrations are beautiful and introspective. He is visiting all of these incredible places and meeting interesting people. Yet, he is still so melancholy and lonely. His honesty is what makes this book so special me. He is best known for his book Blankets, a story about first love and his religious beliefs. I am looking forward to a few new ones that are in the works, Habibi and Kissypoo Garden. You can find out more about the author and see more of his drawings right here.

p.s. Adam, the answer to the question you inscribed in the book is, yes. I will go with you, but where to?

March 3, 2010

Oh Sh*t

Last night was the monthly Midwest Independent Film Festival. It was the first ever female filmmakers night, and my friend Sarah Schooley had a film in it. The event was sold out. It had panel discussions before and after the films, as well as cocktails and an after party. Sarah's film is called Oh Sh*t, which is based on a true story that has become a sort of urban legend among our friends. Without giving the whole story away, I will say it is about a one night stand that could have turned into more, if it wasn't for something involving the title of the film. Oh Sh*t got a medley of laughs mixed with shock from the audience.
Some of the other highlights were The Miss by Grace McPillips. It is a sweet film about a couple meeting for the first time while shopping at a grocery store. I also really enjoyed Bring It In by Dina Facklis, a hilarious short film with the potential to become a series. It is about an all girls middle school basketball team coping with the recent death of one of their teammates. The middle school girls were all played by grown women, which added to the humor. The scenes between the coach and the assistant principle, played by Dina herself, were equally as funny. This was a very pleasurable way to get to see something that a friend made. The night was a complete success, except for the stomachache that I knowingly gave myself by sharing popcorn, Jelly Bellies and cocktails with my boyfriend.

March 1, 2010

water and air

These photos were taken during some of my most peaceful and adventurous days.

girl crush






There are lots of people who are obviously beautiful, but then there are those with that certain something. They have a natural and effortless style. It's like they were born cool. They're inherently appealing. Let's forget about the long legs, famous parents, famous boyfriends, killer wardrobe and all that sort of stuff. Some people can just wake up, roll out of bed, put on the first thing they see and still look amazing. They would look just as beautiful while camping as they do all dressed up. Kate Moss, Whitney Port, Alexa Chung, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis, anytime you want to go shopping or camping just let me know. OK?!