May 31, 2013

living in the moment

I have to say that when people talk about how living in the moment is the way to live I tend to disagree. Don't get me wrong, I understand what people are getting at...well sort of. I just think it's so important to learn from the past and to plan for the future. The mentality that goes along with living in the moment seems to completely disregard these two important aspects of living thoughtfully. So don't just live in the moment. Live in the past, present and the future. 

May 29, 2013


As I wait to bring my baby into the world it has dawned on me that the timing of it could very likely be exactly the same as my miscarriage just last year. That is a peculiar thought. My husband and I both started talking about it this week. It's so strange to think that we could have had a completely different person in our family or that the baby we are so anxious to meet wouldn't have ever had the chance to exist in this world at all. If our baby does arrive in early June, it will definitely help erase that feeling of loss that this time of year could have potentially brought with it. Now we will always have something to celebrate instead.

May 28, 2013

lucky johnny





We all know he is a talented actor as well as easy on the eyes. He has managed to date and have long lasting relationships with some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I mean these women are all unbelievably gorgeous. It doesn't always work that way, but he's been a very lucky guy.

so easy on the eyes

I have no idea who the artists are for any of these. I do know that I would gladly hang any of these images in my home.

May 25, 2013

photo of the week

This incredible photo is of Sally and her twin babies. She is now living in Germany, but I met her in Minneapolis back in my teens. That's another place I would love to check out at some point in my life. I have heard so many great things.

May 24, 2013


My pregnancy has not been very easy or too difficult either. I had a hard time actually getting pregnant and then dealt with a miscarriage last summer. I have also experienced the majority of the typical pregnancy symptoms and discomforts throughout this pregnancy. I won't go into details, but it's not fun and sometimes even gross, if you know you know. Now I am just waiting to go into labor and to meet my baby. 

I would not have guessed that this part would be the hardest. I thought being in school and working while pregnant was hard. I couldn't wait for that to be over so I could just relax and "enjoy" pregnancy. At this point I am actually very thankful to relax. I can't even imagine how I would find the energy to do all of the things I was doing early on in my pregnancy. Now I'm just so huge that the long walks I imagined going on once I had the free time and the weather permitted are much shorter than I thought they would be. The amount of energy I have to see my friends is dwindling and I'm not even very good company for my husband. I'm just too tired, huge and uncomfortable to be much fun at all. 

I know every pregnancy is different, but I really just had no idea what to expect throughout this whole process of becoming and being pregnant. I didn't grow up around women who shared stories about this part of their lives. Thankfully reading books on the subject has helped, and my doula is an incredible wealth of knowledge. More than anything I just can't wait to finally meet my little baby, hold her in my arms and feel the freedom to move my body with comfort and ease again. I know it's all coming very soon, but the waiting is just so hard. 

May 20, 2013

Ryan Peltier

I just discovered this Minneapolis artist, and I love his stuff. There are so many creative and talented people there. I'm so proud to have grown up in that city. If you like what you see then check out more right here.

May 11, 2013

photo of the week

This photo is of my old coworker and friend Sarah. She is standing outside of what looks to be a haunted house somewhere in Missouri. I'm not sure who took the photo, but it looks professional. Oh yeah, one last thing, Sarah move back to Chicago dag nabbit. 

May 8, 2013

the real housewife

Well I never, ever, imagined that I would become a housewife one day. I started working regularly when I was about six years old, and I've always been a very independent person. But I know I want to be the one to raise our baby. I don't think I would feel right leaving her with someone else most of the week. Maybe it's because my mom was away working all the time while I was growing up that I want to be at home for our baby. So here's to becoming a housewife and to never ceasing to surprise myself.