September 16, 2013

a man needs a maid (and a cook apparently)

My husband recently told me that he'd like me to do more of the cooking. It was during a nasty argument. I could go into more detail, but I feel I've already said too much. Honestly, I would love to cook more often. I just need a little bit more time and energy. I'm just a little busy taking care of our new baby and trying to finish school. I would also like a kitchen and dining room a little something like these to do my cooking and serving in. 

September 12, 2013

Last Child in the Woods

"The quiet wisdom of nature does not try to mislead you like the landscape of the city does, with billboards and ads everywhere. It doesn't make you feel like you have to conform to any image. It's just there, and it accepts everyone." -Erin (Last Child in the woods)