April 14, 2011

the president has been kidnapped by ninjas

With everything I have going on lately; moving, school, work and planning a wedding, I probably could have made much better use of my time today. Instead of being productive I played Nintendo at The Wormhole with my man for a few hours. Then we wandered around aimlessly in the cold wind. I guess I needed to clear my head before I could face the next few weeks. It's been years since I've played some of these games. Some of them I have never even played at all and never even heard of. I'm confident that I can kick just about anyone's bottom at Double Dragon, and I have scored high enough to get double rockets in Tetris. How about those Tetris inspired shelves by the way? They would look pretty amazing in my new apartment. There is a lot in those old Nintendo games to be inspired by; the music, the style and the moves. I think this little bit of gaming has even inspired the look of our wedding invites.

April 13, 2011

peacock spider

the most stylish spider of all

sweet tooth

bridgetI have always had a thing for slightly crooked or gapped teeth. I just think it looks adorable and childlike. Here are a few beautiful female celebrities that prove my theory. We don't all need to look perfect. Sometimes it's the imperfections that really stand out and end up making us a little cuter.

April 12, 2011


I had hoped that this post would be about the 5 people that I would choose to have dinner with. Other than Anthony Bourdain I couldn't decide. I do have some great ideas though. You know it's coming. What I have decided to do instead is share with you what I am having for my dinner this evening. Tonight I will be enjoying some caviar, crackers and bubbly. For my dessert it's the obvious choice of chocorooms. Please don't judge.

April 11, 2011

man crush

Let me just start by saying that this man is old enough to be my father. I don't care, I still have a crush on him. He has style, taste, a great sense of humor and is just a total badass. I have decided that when asked the classic question,"If you could have dinner with five people of your choice, dead or alive, who would it be?". Anthony Bourdain would make my list without hesitation. I have been warned though that we wouldn't make the best dinner companions since he has a relentless contempt for vegetarians. Once again I don't care.